Noticed routines are now being added to Alexa, what is the keyword to trigger those routines

Obviously I wouldn’t want it to be able to disarm the house, but i would love to say Good Night to arm.

Turn on or off should fire any eligible routines.

However, the routines are limited to devices that echo recognizes individually, so, for example, you can’t use a routine that includes locks.

An alternative is to set up a virtual switch that triggers the routine. If you do it that way, you can have any routine you like. So try the official method first, but if you get the message that your routine is not supported for that, take a look at the alternative method in the following thread (this is a clickable link) :

You say approve on a routine by routine basis, but in SmartThings I see just routines on/off and then in Alexa app I can forget a routine. Problem is: it keeps adding them when I add a new thing. Is your routine by routine just the Alexa forgetting them or is there something configurable in ST.

Sorry, my mistake–I honestly don’t know at this point!

@slagle should.

This gets a little tricky with the ST / Alexa integration of routines.
I am not sure what your “good Night” routine includes or does not include.
I have spoken to ST about the entire scope of ROUTINES being integrated and what is used and not.
IF you are using say just lights you can use the native Alexa integration. If they contain anything that is not approved by Amazon they will be disabled.

There is a work around … which I am still currently using until things are a bit “smoother”

Are you familiar with creating a virtual switch? The most success I have found is to create a virtual switch to execute the routine. (it sounds like you want to change the SHM if I understand).

DO NOT select ALL routines or you will have issues forgetting and having them rejoined and dropped by the AMAZON health check that happens almost hourly.

If you need more guidance with this - please let me know I am happy to email and work with you.

I assume you are not using ASK ALEXA APP by Michael Struck - but just verify that too.

There is already an FAQ for using Alexa to run a routine using a virtual switch. It has the step-by-step instructions. I linked to it above, but here it is again. :sunglasses:

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Thanks as always - @JDRoberts

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My good night routine only sets the location mode to Night - a CoRE piston will then set SHM to stay and my digital life to stay (it also locks doors and turns lights off) as a result of the mode having changed to Night - so I can technically use alexa to arm my alarm. The Good morning routine sets the mode to Home and that obviously disarms the alarm and unlocks auxiliary locks on my patio sliding door as well as the door leading to the garage - it does not actually allow entrance/exit without manual user intervention (i.e. unlock manual lock of patio door or open the garage door). Pfew.

Hint: CoRE can execute a piston upon a routine execution, therefore bypassing the limitations. However, please be careful when allowing Alexa to take security/safety related tasks as these may involve risks. Imagine a thief screaming at the window: ‘alexa turn on good morning’ and then entering the home when you’re away. It IS a security risk.

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