Run Smartthings routine with Alexa voice command

I have created several routines on SmartThings, that I want to run using Alexa voice command.
I cant find a way to do that. I basically want to say “Alexa… turn on my Studio”, and tha should trigger a ST routine to turn all devices in my Studio on.
Anyone has experience or can guide me trough how to pull this off?

Hi @jorgeasmar ,

“Manually run routines” can be executed via Alexa. I have many like that. One in particular called “Work from Home” I use all the time. I just say “Alexa, turn on work from home” and the routine will run. This will not work for automatic routines.

Remember, manually run routines used to be called Scenes, and scenes were brought over to Alexa (which are still called scenes there).


You can also trigger by saying “Alexa, activate [scene name]”


I’m not familiar with the triggers or devices. The thing is as follow: I have smart thermostats (Ecobee and Nest). I can control the devices with Alexa (turn on/off, change temperature) with no problem (see first picture). When I create a routine using Alexa (in this case “turn on my studio”, in order to turn on, the TV, sound system, lights and A/C), the routine does not allow me to turn on/off the A/C, only change the temperature (see second picture)
I have a routine created in ST that works great doing that. What I want to do is be able to use a voice command to trigger the ST routine, since in Alexa the routine I created will not allow me to.

Create a SmartThings Routine as a “Manually Run” routine by setting the “If” part to “Manually Run”. In the “Then” part, set up your thermostat settings.

In your Alexa routine add an action, select “Smart Home”, then “Scenes”, then your newly created manually run SmartThings Routine.


That’s what we mean. If the routine you created is under “Manually run routines” in the ST app, not an Alexa routine. Once you do that you can execute it in how either myself of @HalD mentioned above.



Thanks a million! Now I get it right. That’s exactly what I was looking for.