How do you know if your CT100 Thermostat is running in repeater mode?

Hi all,

I have two of these thermostats set up currently. One doesn’t have a C-wire, so runs on pure batteries. The second had a C-wire (blue, tested with a multimeter) but I can’t tell if it’s working with the C-wire or not? The thermostat still wouldn’t turn on until I put batteries in and the display looks identical. How can I confirm that it is functioning with the C-wire and working as a Zwave repeater?

I have a CT-30 with C-wire. Mine keeps working if I remove the batteries.

Hmmm, I must have been mistaken about mine being a C-wire. Thanks for the reply

If you have access, you could give a try with one of those Venstar Add-a-Wire devices:

That’s what I used, but now that you mention this… I’ll have to try popping the batteries out of mine and see if it still works!