What thermostat should I buy?

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So i’m getting ready for yet another dry cold northern winter and I figured I should look into beefing up my ST setup. I am interested in buying a smart thermostat that will work with existing wiring in this house. I live in a top floor duplex that only has heat. So I have window A/C units and plug in humidifiers to supplement my lack of a more robust system. I do have heat. Here is the wiring for my existing dumb thermostat.

I work at a big name tech company so I receive discounts on a variety of tech throughout the year. My hope is I can score a discount on an Ecobee3. My concern is I’m not sure I have the wiring to support such a device. Do I? If not what Z-wave enabled thermostat would you recommend?

Im know expert but believe the Ecobee3 requires a C wire (constant power) which I dont see you have from the pic.

Look into the CT100. Seems to be popular on these boards.

Yup, that would work but it will require AA batteries unless you hook up a C wire. Don’t have one? No problem. Search this forum as well as Youtube for a simple solution.

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I have a Zen Thermostat with a similar wiring setup. To make sure, you can use their online compatibility checker: http://zenthermostat.com/install/compatibility.php

Some states also have rebates for programmable thermostats. For example, Massachusetts has a $100 rebate for wifi thermostats.

This one linked below has a much smaller form factor and has wires attached. One goes to common and one to Rh along with your existing one. Works with CT100 and I am assuming it should work with Nest or Ecobee. I have been too lazy to hook it up though as wires will show unless you are an expert in concealing them.

Advantage of using it with CT100 is that turns it into a zwave repeater. But these are dumb thermostats and scheduling logic is via the controller. Although it can work manually but no schedules. Battery is at 40% now since installed last winter.

I was in the same boat as far as heating is concerned.

Side by side comparison:

same wiring I had at my parents house… the ct100 thermostats do not require a c wire and will work fine with your setup and are zwave compatible…
I just wrote a upgrade device type driver for them recently I have 4 in my parents house as they have multi zone in floor heating…