How do you fit the aeon micro switch in the same box as the switch?

I just installed a micro switch and find that the amount of space in the box makes it impossible to put the switch back in. Has anyone used Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave 1-Button Touch Panel with a 3 way configuration? is it even possible?

If not, what other suggestions do you have? My wife wants switches on each light, so removing them isn’t an option.
The reason I went with the micro switch is we have all light almond fixtures. Most of the z-wave switches I find are white, and I don’t want to switch all of our fixtures out to match. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money replacing each bulb with Hue or tcp.

retrofit (old work) deep wall box.

or find “Deep Switch Plate Cover”

might be hard to match ivory.

I have one of these, and no it’s not possible with standard house wiring to use these in a three way configuration. Electrically it is possible, but not as a retro fit with standard existing wiring.
You don’t have to mount the switch on the back of the touch panel, put the switch in the box sideways, or whatever way it will fit, then connect the wires to the panel.
I’m not following the issue with the light almond fixtures. The light fixtures are almond?, or the toggle switches are almond…, confused…
The aeon micros work fine when connected to an existing toggle switch (that’s how most are using them), they do not require the touch panel to operate.

The issue is between the wires and the micro switch, the light switch has robe pushed in on top of the micro switch pretty hard. I Really don’t trust cramming 10lbs of crap into a 5lb bag.

The issue is that our switches, outlets, and cover plates are all light almond. If I use a white zwave switch, it won’t match the rest of our light almond switches.

Right, got it on the device colors. Keep the toggles and plates, go with the Aeon micros. If you can’t fit them in your existing boxes, you’re not going to be able to fit any zwave device in there.
Usually some reorganization of the wiring inside the box is required to make enough room for any additional devices in the box.