Aeon DSC26103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Switch without load

Hi all,

Does anybody know if you can use the Aeon In Wall Micro switch without load? The use case is to turn on / off hue lights.

If not, is there another in-wall switch module that CAN do this?

I think it will run fine without a load, but it may be best to ask Aeon themselves.

I know Hue is coming out with a button soon.

How are you thinking about installing these?

I’m assuming you’re going to locate one of these behind a wall switch, and have it connected to the power line and switch directly (no load connected). You’re then going to link this to ST so that it toggles on/off state via switch, that will be paired with Big Switch app to turn on hue?
Did I completely miss the mark on your use case?

If that is your plan, try Aeon Minimote instead. I mounted one of these on my walls so I can toggle my TCP lights, it was my way to get around lack of neutral wires. Like this:

Another option is you can use a GE wall switch as well, instead of hiding a microswitch behind your walls. They’re cheaper if you get them at Lowes too.

That is exactly my goal, however I would like to not have to use the minimote, as I find it horribly ugly.

I read comments on the GE wall switch not updating its state on the ST hub immediately, is this still an issue?

The GE wall switch also requires neutral wiring.