Aeon Labs one touch switches

Any have any experience with them? Looks gives the most futuristic feel but I’m torn between them or a standard GE zwave

As far as i know they do not work of it’s own. It is a On/Off/Dim touch control for Aeon Labs Micro Switches only.

Is this the product you are talking about?

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Yup, I inow they require the mini that goes behind the switch I was just curious if anyone has any experience with them. Really the whole line of aeon

Yea, I have one pretty cool, requires a aeon micro switch or dimmer.
I couldn’t use them in the entire house since they are (were) only available single gang.

@Mike_Maxwell I would kill to have those beautiful switches that you have! Where do you live again? :wink:

Seattle baby, cmon up!

Looks a good switch, very limited choice in the UK, LightwaveRF have some nice options at a fair price but its not compatible and I doubt ever will be.

And these are eyewateringly expensive:

May go fibaro dimmer route and get some dumb nice switch plates instead!

Darn! I missed the chance! I used to be there every few months while contracting for Microsoft. But then you probably didn’t have those switches… Talking 10 plus years back!