How do you connect the Minimote to devices? Like an Osram Bulb

I just picked up a minimote. It is connected to smartthings and I can see the device on my iphone, but I can’t figure out how to connect a osram lightify bulb. I just want to be able to turn on and off the bulb. I updated to the latest firmware, but the instructions are really confusing on the Aeon site and some of the instructions in the forums seem outdated (Maybe the old app?). It’s so frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

You could use the Smart lighting app in the marketplace to achieve this. Have the osram Toggle via button press. Also you could use button controller app as well, also in the market place in the “More” section.

I have that part set up. I want to use the Aeon Minimote.

You can’t connect a zWave controller like minimote directly to a ZigBee device like a light bulb.
You will have to use button controller app through ST hub

Sorry, if I’m understanding correctly you want to control the Osram bulb with a button press from the minimote

Ahh, ok, thanks

Yes. RLDreams mentioned I need to use the button controller app.

Didn’t I say the same :grin:

Yeah, I see that now. Thanks for your quick help. Everything is working now.

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