Osram bulb with GE Link DH = no Minimote?

I had an interesting occurrence/finding last night. I’ve been using the GE Link DH with my Osram non-tunable bulbs since the GE Link DH runs locally and the default Zigbee Dimmer does not. This has been working great for me the past couple months since I switched the DH. Routines, SmartApps, manual control in App, etc. Then last night I went to setup my first Aeon Labs Minimote v1. I could not get them to work with the minimote via SmartLighting with the GE link DH. Switched back to the Zigbee Dimmer DH, and they started working great with the Minimote and SmartLighting. So i guess my question is, what’s different with triggering from a Minimote that could cause them to not work?