How do I transfer existing Zwave net to SmartThings hub?


I have an existing zWave net (built using GE ZW5303 as primary). Network consists of mostly GE wall dimmers, wall relays, appliance modules, outdoor modules and a couple of range extenders/repeaters (close to 20 in all). I also use around 10 GE “advanced”, “manual” and keypad controllers (45631) as secondary controllers at doors, pool house, garage etc. I would REALLY like to simply transfer the existing network to the SmartThings hub rather than delete/exclude/include and rebuild the entire network. One additional complication is that the GE keypad controllers (45631) cannot address node ids>32, so nodes I want to control by the keypads (secondary controllers) need to be assigned early in the deck.
Is it possible to transfer my current network to the hub? If so, can you direct me to a site that lists the steps?
Also is there a way to use the GE keypads (45631) to address the hub directly to directly control macros on the SmartThings hub (so I can maybe sidestep the node<32 issue?


(Olaf) #2

I have the same questions I have Vera (MIOS) setup and want to transfer it to SmartThings. Will be way to much work to take all wall switches out of the wall or drag a super long Ethernet cables around the house plus power to get within 10 feet of each device.