How do I simply mirror 2 devices using Smart Lighting

I have read many posts, but can’t seem to get simple mirroring of 2 light switches to work. Using Smart Lighting, I set it up as follows:

Device to control: Switch 1
Actions: Sync with Switch
Select devices: Device 2

When I change the polarity (either On or Off) of Switch 2, then Switch 1 changes accordingly and mirrors Switch 2. However, when I change the polarity Switch 1, then Switch 2 does nothing.

Therefore, the mirroring is going only 1 way: Switch 2 —> Switch 1. I would like it to go both ways.

Are there step-by-step directions for achieving mirroring? I found some from a couple years ago, but the interface has changed over time.


Mirroring does only go one way in SmartThings.

Just create a second rule with the trigger and the target device switched and that should do it. :sunglasses:

Be careful not to create a loop :slight_smile:


BTW, tiny technical note, which won’t matter to most people, but does to the engineers like me…

You are not changing the “polarity“ of the switch when you are changing from on to off. You are changing the “state.“

Light switches can have polarity, but it has to do with the wiring, and it’s the situation where you would flip up for off instead of flipping down for off.

Like I said, most people won’t care about the terminology, but just for clarity. :sunglasses:


It’s pretty rare these days to get a loop, although there are a few models, particularly some of the Tuya Zigbee models, which can have that issue.

You can usually fix it by putting in a condition that you only turn the light on if it was off to begin with, but like I said, it doesn’t usually come up. If it does, we can look into the details, there will probably be a fix. :sunglasses:

Thanks. Just for me to be clear - if I create a Routine that is the reverse of what I posted, then effectively, each switch will be a slave to the other. Do I have this correct?

About “polarity” and “state”: thanks for pointing this out. I appreciate it, particularly as I like to use the appropriate nomenclature!

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Yes, that’s how it will work. :sunglasses:

When you turn on switch A, switch B will turn on. When you turn on switch B, switch A will turn on.

This is correct.

It is possible for this to loop. I had a couple of switches set up that way and mostly had no issues. Once when I turned one on then quickly off it started looping. There are others who tried it and it always looped.

So give it a shot and see how it goes.

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