How do I set up a rule to use the chimes on my dome siren?

So up til this point everything I have done is pretty simple and controlled by voice command.

Last night I installed 3 door sensors and also got the Dome Siren and learned about Device Handlers (which was new to me).

I figured out how to use the Smart Things security center to trigger an alarm but I would also like to have door chimes when any door is opened. Is this something I can do inside of Smart Things under automation or do I need something else?

I feel like I have an idea about how I can do it but the options just aren’t there…So this is new to me and I need help figuring out the formatting for automation with Smart Things.

Thank you!

There are several ways to accomplish this:

I personally use LANNouncer with and Android device running at lease OS 5.1 which I find very reliable and provides a pleasant sounding door chime along with some other features. It also uses TTS to create voice notifications.

But check out this wiki for all the different ways of accomplishing this task:

When I was researching options for an alarm I came across LANNouncer but it made it seem like I was going to need an Android device connected to a speaker. I guess it also works for devices already connected in Smart Things too?

I also have already read the wiki you posted which doesn’t have any info on my actual device.

Maybe you misread. I already have the Dome Siren connected to my Smart Things. It works within the Smart Home Monitor as an alarm but I am also trying to make it do it’s chime when not “armed” but just when a door opens.

Hi @Nosnibor,

I have this thread from my project posted some time ago. Check it out and see if you are interested.

So everyone is posting about how to start from scratch…I just want to get my current Z-wave siren to sound off when the door opens…is that not possible?

With LANnouncer, you do need an Android device which can be picked up relatively cheaply these days. If you want to use your existing Dome Siren, it may not be possible unless there is some kind of custom Device Handler that will allow it to make short “chirp” sounds. AFAIK, the only siren that I know that has this is the Aeon Siren. See here:

So the Dome siren has 10 sounds already on it. There is a device handler for it that I can preview all the sounds. I’m looking for something to connect the dots…“When door opens play this sound”…I really thought this would be possible.

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Easy enough…
You can use Smart Lighting app from SmartThings. If you don’t have it installed go to here:

Marketplace->SmartApps(tab)->Lights & Switches->Smart Lights->select you Siran->Turn On->When->Contact Sensor->Opens->Have it turn off (optionally) When door closes.

You can also do this via CoRe community rule engine.

The code for the app is here and needs to be installed in your IDE and than you can make your own custome rules/automations dor your house.

Then I think what you need is a SmartApp that can access those custom beep sounds. You might want to take a look at WebCore which is a community built Rules engine. Maybe @ady624 can chime in (pun intended, haha) if he knows if WebCore can access those custom beeps.

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Can you link to the DTH you are using for the Dome siren?

Assuming that this accepts inputs then CoRE should be able to do it… you just need to know what to configure… I expect it would be reliant on a custom DTH trigger rather than selecting a device and action… should be able to work it out from the DTH :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the handler…

Still learning about core…there is a lot to catch up on.

I still recommand Smart Lighting to get the result you are looking for with the least tinkering.
Or better yet. Look at my pictorial for Smart Home Monitoring in SmartThings.


(Optional number of time with in minutes)



This doesn’t allow selection of a custom tone type, which is the question being asked I believe? This will just sound the main siren, not one to the 10 chime tones…


I appreciate the replies so far. I have set up webcore and I think it will do what I need however I have to wait to get home and test. Thanks so much for the help so far!


So SHM may not be a bad idea it turns out… although there are other options too…

In the first post of the DTH you posted, there is a very handy guide already put together (direct link to the guide):

This gives a few options, and appears that the different chimes are actually standard via the playText command under the Audio Notification capablility… although the chime names may not reflect the actual sound the device makes i.e. a Bell could be a bark… may just need to do some playing :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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You’ve gotten a lot of great answers, but most of them don’t have anything to do with the particular question that you asked, I think because people are not familiar with the dome siren device and its capabilities. So let’s back up to the beginning and see if we can get you the very simple answer. :sunglasses:

First, for those unfamiliar with this device, it already has chimes built into it. It can play any of 10 different sounds. So you don’t need LANnouncer. And you can select which sound to play just by using the official smart home monitor feature, you don’t need a special smart app and you don’t need web core.

What you do need is a custom device type handler which will expose the various features of the device so that they can be used with SmartThings.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you are going to copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. Here’s the FAQ for that process. (This is a clickable link)

Now you just have to get the right code to copy. In this case, the device manufacturer has worked with a community member here to create one. Here is the author’s thread for that. You can ask any further questions about that code in that thread and the author will be automatically notified when a new question is posted.

Even better, the manufacturer of this device has provided a step-by-step manual for how to use the chimes with SmartThings once you have the custom device type handler installed. I know you already provided that link once in this thread, but I wanted to put it in context here as well. :sunglasses::tada:

So that’s it. You’ll do a one time install of the custom device type handler. You’ll set the parameters for however you want them to be following the instructions in the author’s thread. Then whenever you want to set up a rule to have the chimes sound on one or more of your sirens, just follow the step-by-step instructions in the manufacturer’s guide.

This is a nice device with a lot of options and @krlaframboise has done a great job on the custom code for it so I think you’re going to find it pretty straightforward as long as you start from the right place.


Thank you. The final part was the missing step I needed!


Also, note the following from the manufacturer’s manual:

Note: You should only add the Siren to SmartThings AFTER the Device Handler is created. If you already added the device, remove it and add it again into your system, and the Siren will automatically detect the Device Handler.

When they say “after the device handler is created” they mean “after you have copied the device handler to your own account and published it to yourself.” :wink:

If you don’t do it in that order, the features won’t work correctly.


If you don’t do it in that order, the features won’t work correctly.

Yeah I figured that out last night when I had to actually exclude the Dome a few times after I did the handler.

I just have to go read that .pdf now.


I hope this isn’t too unrelated, but how do you like the Dome Siren? I want something to use as a doorbell chime but I haven’t found anything loud enough yet. I have the Aeon Z-Wave Doorbell that makes a cute little ding-dong that you can barely hear in the same room if you are talking or have music playing. I have LANnouncer on a Fire HD8 with the built-in speakers turned all the way up, but that’s only a little bit louder (but better than the Fire 7). I also might need to keep it from sleeping or I don’t always get the announcements in a timely manner.

I’m hoping the Dome can get louder (110 dB sounds like a lot–my 85 db Utilitech siren is ear-piercing but only does an alarm siren) and solve all my problems. :slight_smile: (What are the sounds it supports, by the way? They don’t document that anywhere and it doesn’t appear you can upload custom ones. Two doorbell-ish ones and some sort of door-open tone would be enough for me.)

Thanks to JDRoberts for explaining that I’d be able to make it work the way I want (like you) “natively,” though I might use WebCoRE since I have rules/pistons for my existing doorbell (Ring Video one one door and the Aeon on the other that I’m likely to return and replace with a simple ZigBee button since it would be cheaper and probably do me more good).