Door open alert - just need a beep

I have a door away from the living area. Would like an audible alert in the living area when door is opened. Not a phone app alert or a siren - something that just gives a beep. Any suggestions on what to use for the “beeper”?

LANnouncer on an Android 5.1 or better device is what I would recommend although it might be a little overkill for what you want to do. But then again, you might find some other useful things to do with it. LANnouncer is basically a speech synthesis device that you can use with a Smartapp called BigTalker or CoRe to create audible responses through a speaker.

Zooz chime. See the how to article in the community-created wiki:

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I beep my iris alarm keypads using webCoRE. There’s a slight delay and every once in a while a missed beep but it’s the best option I’ve found so far.

I am also have these keypads and they work quite well for me.

Works great with the User Lock Manager smartapp and the Smart Alarm app too

Been trying to figure out a use for these! Picked 2 at lowes for about $7 each…Thought one day, someone would hack them to allow for scene control.

I map the on off and partial buttons to routines to arm my house.

I use the Aeon siren and the custom DTH available here on the site. Might be good option if you want sound for other purposes.
I use this for a few of things.

  1. When my wife or I get within range with our phones, I sound a custom beep available with the custom DTH.
  2. When the outside motion sensor comes on, I sound a different beep so we know when there is something in front of the house.
  3. Use it for SHM alarm using the standard loud alarm and turn it off after 5 minutes using the custom DTH.

This siren is a nice device and allows for much flexibility.
You could also use the Aeon doorbell and include some custom .mp3’s if you did not want to use the annunciator for a loud alarm.

@Navat604 and @dennybono Could you please go into more detail on how you got the Iris keypads to make a sound when a certain sensor is opened?

I use webcore and set up a piston that says whenever any of my door contacts status changes to open then beep the iris keypads.