Custom Door Chime App

I recently purchased a Z-Wave wall plug and a 120 VAC piezo buzzer (3 KHz) that I want to use as a door chime. When any door contact is broken, I want the plug to turn on (activating the buzzer) for 2 seconds then turn off. The shortest “turn off” interval using the Lighting Automation app is 1 minute.

Can someone point me in the right direction how to find an app to do what I need? I am a programmer by trade (Perl, PHP) so I’d happily try my hand at developing an app to do this, but I’m a Smartthings newbie and have zero experience with this environment.


If you have an Android device running OS5.1 or better, you might want to consider LANnouncer along with an app called BigTalker. It will do chimes and much more.

No Android devices (iPhone only). I’d rather have a dedicated chime that’s loud enough for everyone in the house to hear. In my previous house, I had an old ITI Caretaker system. It used the same 3 KHz tone from a piezo buzzer as a door chime. I guess I’m just used to hearing that particular sound when doors open.

Any write up on how to wire?

Got it, thanks.