How do I set up a motion sensor to control a light switch

(PTD) #1

I have upgraded to the new app (and wish I had not). I purchased a SmartThings SmartSense Motion sensor and a GE in wall Smart Switch. I have added both to my system without a problem. I can see when motion is detected on the app and from the app I can turn on and off the light switch

How do I get the sensor to turn on and off the light with motion? It use to be very easy to go to the device and edit it. When I edit the device, all I can do is rename it or change the icon. I know this has to be simple (well it should be simple), but 45 minutes of looking on the SmartThings site has not helped me.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Find add new device (three dots)
Select smart apps…
Smart things recommends…
Then smart lights…

Once this is initially installed, you can add additional automations by re-selecting smart-lighting in the smart apps tab in the home view.

(PTD) #3

Thank you for the quick reply. Looks like it is working for me.