Turn lights on with motion

I really have to say, “I hate the new Android app”. I purchased 2 new GE Bulbs. I have attached them to a bunch of Routines. No problem.

Now I just got a motion detector for this room. I can not figure out how to turn on these lights with the detector. It was so easy to attach a basic smart app. My other GE Bulbs all have a Wizard when you edit them which the last page has a whole bunch of actions you can choose from. These new ones only have one page to rename the device. No multi pages, no actions.


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Also, my 2 new bulbs are listed as ‘GE Link Bulb’ the same as my other 7.

Figured it out. Smart Light SmartApp


Instructions here:


One thing though, they let you select multiple triggers, but only lets you configure 1. For instance, my hallway gets triggered by a door opening and/or motion. So I selected both the first time, but the app only let me configure the door. Never asked me about the detector.

They should replace the checkboxes with radio buttons. But everything is now working and really is actually convenient having it all in one place.

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Yeah, you have to set up a new “automation” (rule) for the other trigger.