Smart Lighting Routine Suggestions needed

Hi all, I’m struggling to get my brain around the logic for a night light system I’m trying to configure.

Over a 3 storey house, I have 3 motion sensors on each landing. The idea is that at night/when it’s dark movement can turn say the middle landing light on to 10%. I can do this with the smartthings advanced lighting routine by only allowing it to work at sunset - and this works well, but with a fly in the ointment. If I have the lights switched on manually and the sensor is triggered (after sun down), the routine above dims the light to 10% overriding the lights which are already on.

I need the movement sensors to ignore movement when the lights are already on.

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

You might need to use CoRE to set multiple triggers. For example:
If nighttime AND landing light on = false and motion detected = true, set landing light to 10%.

Personally I’d skip CoRE and go straight to webCoRE.
It’s a great app that will let you do what you want.

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Thanks guys, never heard/used it before - hope I can get my head around it :slight_smile:


You may also want to look at @bangali and his Rooms Manager Smart app:

It will allow you to assign occupancy states to ‘rooms’ based on a number of options then do various automation rules based on those states.

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So I’m in a similar boat. I thought SmartLighting would work, but apparently it may not:

I have a simple motion sensor and a zigbee light bulb. If the bulb is already on, I’d like to ignore anything and everything else; if the bulb is off and it’s night time, and motion sensor detects motion turn bulb on for 2 minutes. Can this be accomplished in anything besides WebCore? I’ve setup the basics in Webcore and it looks really powerful, but I would hope something as simplistic as this could be accomplished in SmartThings.

As a follow-up, is there any way to essentially display the results of a webpage in a smart tile? Maybe like a TV guide for a few channels?