How Do I Reinstall My IRIS Keypad?

My IRIS keypad isn’t showing in my app. How do I reinstall it?

You’ll need this:

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How do I actually get install started what do I do on the device?

You’re going to need to get the driver from which means purchasing a license.

Rboy’s site and the post above provide instructions and help.

Have you installed edge drivers before? If not i believe that same post also has links to how to do that.

I’m traveling and mobile at the moment so I can’t easily find more info for you right now.

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Thanks, I have it installed but can’t find where to change the temp to F from C

Hi @joelw135, the instructions for adding codes are in materials mentioned above. You will need Smart Lock Guest Access installed via the Life section.

Changing to degree scale I believe is in settings, I think.

Thank you for the guidance. The temperature changed on it’s own, as I guess it is in the Smartthings settings.

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