[EDGE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Driver - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout, frient

Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Driver - v240315

  • (New) SmartThings edge driver for Zigbee security keypads
  • (New) Direct arming/disarming with Home Monitor
  • (New) Program user codes via Smart Lock Guest Access (SLGA) or Advanced Web UI
  • (New) Use as a custom actions keypad to trigger custom automation for each user code (up to 999 unique codes), separately for locking, unlocking, arm away, arm stay and disarm
  • (New) View programmed user names/codes
  • Other features include:
  1. Selectable operating modes (enable/disable integration with Home Monitor)
    • Security keypad + Virtual lock with programmable codes
    • Virtual lock with programmable codes
  2. Work as a keypad lock in SmartThings
    • Set/use 4 digit codes
    • View programmed user names/codes
    • Enable/disable keypad
    • Enable/disable auto lock
    • Lock and unlock using user codes
    • Invalid code notifications
    • Direct arming (arm directly with buttons without user code)
    • Detect Main/Battery power
    • Battery level
  3. Two way sync with Home Monitor (arm/disarm) with supported models
  4. Read the following sensors
    • Temperature (auto convert to F or C depending upon your location)
    • Motion
    • Battery (new battery calibration algorithm)
      • Centralite/Iris v2/Xfinity keypad support for CR123A Lithium batteries
      • UEI/Xfinity/Iris v3 support for AA Lithium, Alkaline, NiMH/NiCD batteries
    • Tamper
  5. Use with Automations
    • Door bell
    • Security mode
    • Lock state
    • User code/name specific actions separately for arming away/arming stay/disarming/locking/unlocking
    • Panic alarm (supported models)
    • Invalid code, lock/unlock action type (remote, keypad) custom actions
    • Temperature
    • Motion sensor
    • Battery levels
    • Power source
    • Hardware failure notifications
  6. Use as a Tone capability device (beep/chime)
  7. Use as a Siren/Alarm capability device (supported models)
  8. Locate keypad using a beep(s)
  9. Beeping for entry/exit delays
  10. Ability to configure the following parameters:
    • Entry delay
    • Exit delay
    • Home Monitor integration
    • Default arming mode
    • One touch arming
    • Number of rings/chimes
    • Auto lock delay
    • Temperature sensitivity (0.1° - 2.0°)
    • Temperature offset (for correcting the temperature reported by the sensor)
    • Motion inactivity timeout
    • Select AA battery type for supported models

IMG_7027 IMG_7028 IMG_7029


Security Keypad + Virtual Lock (with programmable codes)

image image

Virtual Lock (with programmable codes)

image image

Other Features

image image image image image image image

Automation Features

image image

Please make sure that your device is within 20ft of a buffering device/repeater for best performance and reliability.


  • This version of the enhanced driver is only available via the new platform Drivers license (refer to website for details). If you have an active subscription, the new driver will be automatically pushed to your hub within 24 hours
  • See the first post for a full list of available features
  • The latest SmartThings iOS mobile app now cuts off the text after the second line so not all user codes are visible. See the FAQ page for details on how to view the programmed codes