How do I pair Add-on switches to the main switch

I installed 1 main switch and 2 add ons. This is how I wired it :

Basically, I have constant power to the add-on switches (they don’t actually switch the load).

I can add all the switches to ST with no issue but am not sure how to link the add ons to the master switch (not sure of terminology).

The method will vary depending on the exact brand and model of the switches, so you’ll need to give us that first before we can help you. :sunglasses:

The main switch is a goControl WD500Z-1 and the add-ons are Linear WT00Z-1 (says it works with multiple models)

Very popular switches. :sunglasses:

Here’s the FAQ:

Wow, thank you for the quick reply. I set up the smart lighting app and it worked great however I was only able to add 1 add-on switch. Couldn’t figure out how to add the second…

I hope you are getting compensated by SmartThings in someway… advice much appreciated.

Thanks, but I’m just another community member. You’ll find we all help each other here. :sunglasses:

As far as the second add on, just set up a brand-new SmartLights automation. Start from the beginning. Choose the master as the switch to come on, and then have it come on when the second add on comes on. So you’ll end up with two automations which are identical, except that one is controlled by the first auxiliary and the other is controlled by the second auxiliary.