Echo, Home, and Unique Permissions Per Each Assistant Device

This might be a sort of convoluted question. Basically I have a smartthings hub + devices in my house and various echos (and a google home) in various rooms. As it is, it seems that assistants on the same account are required to share all the same st device permissions. I would like to grant each assistant speaker permissions only to smartthings devices that are in the room that the assistant is in.

My reason for this is to cut back on extraneous names for devices. For example instead of “Alexa, turn off bedroom TV lamps” and “Alexa, turn off living room TV lamps”, simply “Alexa, turn off TV lamps” and not having the echo or home be confused with whose TV lamps to turn on or off.

My only fathomable solution is to create different user accounts for each echo or home (although with home’s inability to create groups I imagine the need to name devices uniquely in st for the sake of differentiation would cause issues here). Is there a smarter way to do this that I’m totally missing? Thanks for any help you can provide!