Alexa and the dot in the same room?

I haves problem that when i send i command to alexa from another room its hit or miss if she hears me. sometimes i have to walk into the room to see if i was heard. I have a dot ordered and a friend offered me an echo fairly cheap if i wanted a second one.

if i placed echo and a dot in the same room could I improve it hearing me? I want to connect the dot to my av system but I have echo in the living room already. I am trying to figure out what my options are to improve her hearing my commands and i dont want to add the remote option since that really defeats the purpose of voice command
I thought i saw a post on some forum that you could sync 2 echos. so could I place the dot and echo in the same room but turn down the volume on the dot so that its really only used for a mic?

As yet, you cannot sync two different echo/dot/tap devices.

What you can easily do is use a different awake word for each one. This is what we do at my house. That way only one will attempt to act when you speak. I’m not sure that fits your use case, though, but I think it’s what most people are doing if they have an echo and a dot in the same room.

If it’s just a matter of your being too far away for echo to hear you, that just depends on your local architecture) you can have two separate Echo/dot/tap devices control the same home automation devices if that’s what you’re asking. Again, this is what we do at my house. They just have to be linked to the same home automation account.

i would like to find someone who has tried putting two in close proximity and see what happens if the volume is is turned all the way down on one of them. i would guess if one of them heard the command you would be golden but if both of them heard the command i am not sure what would happen i guess it would just duplicate the command.

I find the biggest problem i have is dolby surround. if i say Alexa she hears the wake word but then the mic bounces all over because of 7.1 speaker system instead of focusing on me which makes hear misunderstand the command.

We have had two very close together at one point. They don’t synch at all. ( you can confirm this with Amazon support.)

If the problem is that it can’t hear you over your speaker system, I don’t think there’s much you can do except use the handheld remote or locate another one further away.

If your concern is that the one that is controlling the music system won’t be able to hear you over the music, hopefully someone who has a dot will be able to chime in on that.

Article confirming that they cannot be synched.

Amazon may eventually add that capability; a lot of people are asking for it. But it’s not there now.

Thanks for the responses jd.

I guess ill be doing some trial and error with echo and the dot soon as it arrives. I may have borrow the other echo and see what happens with 2 echos and a dot.
I am sure the dot is going to be a problem when playing music since i had planned on placing it close to av system. i don’t know I guess I will see how it goes. if it just goes downhill ill sell off a device or give someone a neat gift for xmas…

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As far as I know the volume is for the speaker… the mic sensitivity has nothing to do with the volume and is not user selectable… their support confirmed this to me when I asked for that feature as sometimes the bedroom one tries to pick up my commands when I am in the kitchen.


Having 2 in close proximity isn’t really an issue. Worst thing that happens is " turn off/on" executes twice, you end up with milk on your shopping list twice, or you one of the error responses from one and the other executes the command.
It is an issue if you have one click ordering enabled on both of them. That is how we ended up with 2 of our 3 Dots . ( see milk on shopping list, or command executing twice above ) .
The other issue we had was the fact that Amazon still has not released multi-room sync. So if they both hear you say play ___________ playlist they will both start playing ,but rarely start with the same song and if the same song they will be 3-5 seconds off so you get a really nice Echo effect.
With more Wake words released, I just changed the Kitchen wake to Echo and the Dining room is still Alexa.

Having an echo and a dot in the house has made me realize/appreciate how good the audio pickup is on these guys. I practically have to whisper to avoid them both hearing me even though they are in different rooms. So far I haven’t had issues when they both heard the same command for ST/Harmony/etc. but I don’t use them for voice ordering. :slight_smile: