How do I go back to the original icon for a device?


I have a smartapp for my MIMOlite that sets the default icon to the garage door, but I decided to mess with different icons in the ST app and changed it to something else. Now I want to go back to the original, but I don’t know how…

Any ideas? It’s not in the list of icons that you can pick from (People, Transportation, etc), but in “doors” that does not show up for me.

I got the icon from this list:

(Steve) #2

It actually is in the icons that you can pick. It’s under “Appliances”. This is what you mean, right?

Also you can see every icon that SmartThings has here:
It was posted by Jordan Rejaud here:


That’s true, but I selected the closed garage door icon from the icon list from that page. Unfortunately, under Applications I don’t see anything for “doors”. I am on Android running both production and beta releases of ST. Doors doesn’t show up at all.

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I misunderstood your original question. I thought you were talking about the default switch icon. I guess that’s what I get for answering as soon as I wake up :wink:

There is not currently a way to choose the door icon from the app, but if your SmartApp is setting it originally, you could have the updateHandler set it back for you. Then just go into the app and hit update. Not ideal, but it would work.


Thanks Steve, I’ll give that a try when I get home from work.


Hi Steve, 1 more question? Can you point me to documentation for formatting and syntax?