How Do I Factory Reset a GE Duplex Receptacle?


I have a GE duplex receptacle that I had connected to a controller at my old house. The controller was an RPI systems, the SD card for which has long since been re-imaged (i.e. the original controller is gone).

I would like to reset the receptacle and pair it with my ST hub, I just cannot figure out how to do that. The doc says to remove it from the controller (which I do not have).

Any help would be really great and appreciated.


Try a general zwave exclusion, then include it.


@JDRoberts Thanks for the help… how do I do a general zwave exclusion from the ST app?


@JDRoberts sorry… did not realize that was a link… on it…


You can do the general exclude from the smartthings mobile app on iOS or android. The instructions are at the link I already gave you.

If you have a Windows phone, I believe you will have to do the exclude through the IDE. can walk you through it.

There should be a program button in the middle Of the device between the two outlets. Once you start the exclude on the smartthings hub, you’ll just press that button to have the device accept it.


Worked like a charm! Thanks you so much!