How do I detect that my iPhone is no longer at home?

In the My Devices, my iPhone’s Location is showing up as Home. However, I do have Away, Home, and Night mode created. Why is the location in my iPhone still shows up as Home? Is this something in my iPhone I have to setup/changed? Or, is this related to the SmartThings settings/configuration somewhere?


Where your iPhone is is considered “presence“ and doesn’t actually have anything to do with the location mode. It’s an independent value. So you could have location mode set to away while your phone was still home, or vice versa, and smartthings wouldn’t care.

That’s because location mode refers to the hub while presence is for an individual household member. For example, we are three housemates. Two of us might be away and one of us at home and we would want the location mode to be “home.“ It’s the individual members’ presence based on their phones which is “away” for those phones.

You used to be able to see what your presence status was in the mobile app, but for some reason they changed that last year and now it’s not immediately obvious. :thinking:

I’ll leave it to others to explain how to figure out what the presence status is and how to make it more visible if you want it to be since I do not presently use smartthings for presence tracking.

In IDE, the Home you are seeing is the Hub Location and not the presence location of your phone

This is the mode and unrelated to presence.

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Easiest method to see if your phone is present/not present is to create a virtual presence sensor. Then create Routines to change the location of the virtual presence sensor based on your phone’s location. The virtual presence sensor would display in the ST app and at

I use this virtual presence sensor…


On the “vEdge Create” link above, step 3, it says " Open the new device to the device details screen. Set the quantity of devices you want to create of a given type, then select the device type and your device(s) will be created (look in your ‘No room assigned’ room)."

Where do I find the “new device” I just installed? I looked in the,, and SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. but it’s not showing up anything new that I haven’t noticed before.

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but it should be in the ST app > Devices section > Home icon in upper left of screen, select Not in Use

For some reason I don’t see it in my iOS ST app.

You don’t find it in your ‘No room assigned’ room in the app?

@jkp, if I manually created the “Not in Use” room, this is what it looks like.

@TAustin, I do not see the “No room assigned” room in the ST app.

Where did you find the vEdge Creator device when you first installed the driver and did an Add device / Scan nearby?

When you go to the devices tab and then tap the house icon in upper left, there is an ‘All devices’ in that list. If you tap that and scroll down through the list, you can’t find it there? The new device name should start with ‘vEdge’.

What kind of device did you create? Have you tried another?

If you check inventory for that device type in the vEdge creator device, does it show non-zero?


Thanks! After I scan for devices, it shows up.

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Okay, so back to the topic again, how do I set the virtual presence to my iPhone’s location via or the ST app?

Create two routines: one where the IF if your phone leaving and THEN is turning your virtual device off. A second for the opposite.

I don’t see my phone in this list even if I go into the “Device status” my phone is not listed there.

If I go to SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. I can see my iphone is listed there but not on the ST app.

It’s not under device status, it’s under member location.



Okay, my next obstacle is that I can’t select a different location in this screen. I want to say, IF I’m Away THEN change location to Away. However, in the following screen shot, no matter what I do, I can never choose other places besides “Home”. Any suggestions? Thanks!

you’re still under the IF section in that screen shot. Save the IF condition for being away from home and under the THEN section choose location mode and pick away.


Okay, I think I got a better idea now. Thanks for the tip!

I also found this YouTube video. If I use this Routine and/or Automation, is it possible that I do not need to use webcore to turn on and off my TV and other appliances when I’m away or not home? Thanks!