How do I create a notification if my smartlock unlocks?

I would like to get a notification on my phone if my smartlock unlocks but am having a hard time figuring out how to do so. Currently the lock is set to unlock when I arrive home based on ST presence.

Hi Bud … it helps to mention the Brand and Model of the Lock, even though they are supposed to have the same basic functionality.

These days, we’re recommending Rule Machine or SmartRules; (ummm… use Search :mag:) for this sort of function. Pretty simple to configure for this use case. Lock Unlocks is an easy trigger.

I think the official SHM (Smart Home Monitor) can do it too, but, heck, it’s flaky.

I have Rule Machine installed. What is Smart Rules?

Please use the search box above. I think it is written as one word “SmartRules”.

Also, my lock is the schlage camelot deadbolt.

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It’s a good lock! Using one of the rule SmartApps I suggested is worth the time investment as it will lead to many useful automations. (SmartRules is iOS only, btw, nice GUI though; Rule Machine is super popular recently).

This is really disappointing to hear. I would have preferred the user friendly GUI. Thanks for the help man. Guess its time to trudge my way through rule machine.

For the use case of your original post, I don’t think it will be much of a “trudge”.

  • Just one Trigger Condition (lock unlocks) and one Action (send notification).

So I have the Lock On Leave and Unlock Upon Arrival ST apps installed and configured.

Do you only get a notification when its not activated by your phone? Because I have notify me turned on and unlocked it from my phone today for my wife but never got a notification.

Nevermind, it looks like the lock on leave has a notification option but the unlock on arrival doesnt.

Realizing what I am wanting is different from that though, cause I want a persistent notification. Right?

the pushover notify me when built in smartapp can notify when locks unlocked or locked… this is one of the only built in smartapps I have not modified and has never failed… it is under safety and security


In anticipation of the following, “Where is pushover notify me when” question. This is a smartap you need to install with your mobile ST app. It is found under Marketplace/Smartapp/Safety & Security

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Yeah I got it installed and tested. Seems to be working and very quickly too.

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