Can’t get lock/unlock notifications

I didn’t do much research but in the last month I have stopped getting lock/unlock notifications from the smart locks app. I used to get a text that showed the user and then lock or unlock. Seems like it was something to do with them removing the address book maybe. I have tried multiple things. I am using an iPhone for this. Any suggestions

smart locks doesn’t send notifications, so it must be another mart app you have installed. Most likely a community installed app.

When I lost the address book I had to recreate any rule that involved sending a status msg to me or my bride. I would hazard a guess that you will probably need to delete the rule or app that is sending the msg and set it up again. I tried the open and save method when I had the problem but only deleting and setting back up worked for me.

@RBoy’s app does this. It notifies me whenever someone comes into my house to feed the animals when I am out of town. It is a steal for all it does for the permanent license.


This is the app @kahilzinger was referring to where you can get notification for different types of lock / unlock events and door open reminders amongst other things:

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