How do I activate "Extreme Humidity Monitor - High" SmartApp for additional Humidity sensors?

I recently added two more SmartSense Humidity Sensors to my SmartThings config which already had one. The existing one is linked to the “Extreme Humidity Monitor High” SmartApp. I want to link the other two and set up their parameters for what level of humidity will trigger the action.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find out how to do this. When I go to the SmartApp tab on the device, it says there are no SmartApps and offers no + sign or other way to add one. I Googled this question asked 27 different ways and cannot find any documentation on how to do it. I suspect there is some path through “Marketplace” that will get me there, but after another 30 minutes of fruitless exploration of the various deep hierarchies in there, I gave up.

Your help will be most welcome!

I figured it out. Very obscure path to get to the app: Dashboard, Damage & Danger, slide the menu bar over (at the top, it starts with Right Now) until you see “Extreme Humidity.” Select that. Then select the gear icon, which opens a configuration dialog listing sensors. Choose the humidity sensor you want to add this smartapp to, and then go through config of the humidity level etc.

When you’re Done, touch Done. But then you’re not really done until you touch Next - at which point it really saves the config. It appeared to save it before (when you pressed Done) but if you exit before pressing Next, it loses the config.

Sheesh! I think it’s pretty amazing that I stumbled on this by accident, it’s so far down the hierarchy. Someone should give whoever designed this a lesson in UX design…

Update on this - now the app has a bug that is keeping this from working (at least, it fails, not sure why). All the steps are the same, but then after the final confirmation appears indicating that the extreme humidity monitoring has been added for the device, it is followed a short while later by a red message indicating an error - with no details on what the error is. But the monitoring is not saved.