How do I access/update my old SmartApps

I clearly missed the boat on something. I have a bunch of custom SmartApps that I’ve written or copied, etc over the years. I haven’t had to touch them in several months. Today I wanted to write a new SmartApp, and when I logged into the developer portal, everything was different. I can’t find any of my old SmartApps or device handlers. There’s a “Private Workspace” with an empty set of Projects… ugh.

So what happened? Can I still access and update my old stuff? If so, how? This is stressing me out, I have gobs of code for this. I feel like I’d have to switch off of smartthings if I had to start from scratch.

Thanks for the help…

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What’s the url of the portal you are in?

I used to go to That now redirects me to, which is totally new and really only seems to have links to my Profile and Workspace (among documentation and other static stuff).

ah, that’s the new dev portal that doesn’t work with Groovy code. Go to That will get you to the Groovy IDE.


Awesome, thank you. Couldn’t find that URL anywhere.

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