Having some glitches today in the dev portal?

I created a smart app earlier today, and installed it in my mobile app, and it’s working great… woot. Tonight I went to try to make a few changes, and the code of the smart app in the portal has reverted back to the original template I started from. I checked my phone, the smart app I actually created, saved and published is still installed on the phone, but in the portal the IDE shows old code that would not be working, as it’s just a template. So my first question is, is that normal?

I then went to open a ticket with dev support. I followed the link from the support page to the “new ticket” page at https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=110843. On that page, I just get this mostly blank page, screenshot attached. I tried this in several different browsers, in incognito mode, plugins all turned off, and so on. But still just a blank page. My second question, is this normal too? Or am I overlooking something obvious? (I guess that’s my third question.)

The weirdness I experienced with the reverting code was due to my not being aware of the importance of selecting the location I am working with. It may not be readily apparent to a new user, but the location selected from the “Locations” menu in the dev portal affects the content that appears in all of the other menu items (My Hubs, My Devices, My SmartApps, etc etc). Selecting the location is described here: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/publishing/index.html#ensure-proper-location

It would probably be good if the dev portal showed somewhere the location that you currently have selected and are working with, like maybe in the nav menu itself? Just my two cents.

As for the contact support form, it still appears to just be broken, hopefully somebody at ST will notice that soon.