How complicated can you make routines?

I am thinking of getting the hub soon, but wanted to find out how complicated routines can be. For example can you set:

Turn on lamp in hall if ( front door opens (multi sensor) and then pir detects movement in hall and is after sunset).

Can your combine sensors in an automation from different manufactures? i.e. Wemo and samsung.



You can do this with modes - which can change with the use of routines.

However, the easiest way to do this right now would be with the new community app - Rule Machine


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Hi Terry. The basic routines in SmartThings are relatively simple, but their open ecosystem allows you to install custom code to do pretty much anything you can think of. You’ll have options of writing the code yourself or copying and pasting code shared on these forums. This article gives you an idea of what that looks like. There are also several rule builder apps that simplify this process for you, like the one mentioned above or my user friendly iOS app, SmartRules, or others, which vary in their complexity and the features they support.

Good luck getting started. This community is very active and will be happy to help answer your questions as you go.

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Thanks for the information guys.

Just seen the release notes on rule machine and that pretty much does what I described.

Now do I wait for black friday / cyber monday or just purchase it now?.. :smile:

NOW! that way you get it in time to install, become obsessed and add lots of smart things to your holiday list!


Buy the hub now… Spend loads of money on things to connect to it on Cyber Monday (trust me… You will)


AND start contributing to this thread…

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