How can you tell a price is a good deal?

  1. use camelcamelcamel to see Amazon price for the same item over the past year
  1. once you know the Amazon price, check the shipping cost and returns policy for the retailer you are considering.

  2. if the item is sold by , smart , , or other big home automation retailers and you were looking at that company’s price on (as in “sold by X”) then always check the retailer’s own site. Since they have to pay a commission to Amazon, you’ll often find it cheaper on the original retailer site, although there may be a minimum order size for free shipping. , for example, is almost always cheaper on its own site.

  3. look for coupons! Lowes, in particular, often has coupons for 10% or 20% off.

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Use to generate coupons!

(Jimmy) #3

i’m starting on finishing my basesment, so between that and Iris products i’m pretty sure my Lowe’s thinks i’m the laziest person in the world since 90% of the time I jsut order stuff online with a renovo code and then pickup in store. :joy:

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