How can i turn off a z-wave switch off and after 20 second on being my wifi router switch? (Reboot router if it loses internet)

I have 5 apt that I rent short term, they are in the same place, each one has a YALE REAL LIVING Z-Wave lock which currently are connected to a Vera3 hub. I have already bought a smart things hub to replace the vera one but did not install it yet. The apts have all a common wifi network that comes from the provider modem/router. The vera3 hub is connected via cable to the provider router.

In my country is very common that sometimes you need to unplug the modem for 10 seconds to re-establish connection that for some reason get stuck.

How can I do that remotely? Sometimes I travel and I need to send someone there to unplug/plug. If I plug the modem/router to a Z-wave outlet, once I turn the energy off the modem will be unplugged and as well my network, so I won’t be able to turn it on remotely again.

Is there some sort of command or timer switch that will allow me to swith off-10 seconds-on again even with the network down after the switch off? I haven’t installed smart things yet, but I would like to find a solution with it.

See here: Auto router reboot
or here:
or here: ResetPlug for Modem/Router/Hub


I would also make sure that the code on your router is up to date.

Maybe not quite as good… but I had the same problem for my DLNA speakers a while back. I used a $3 Ikea power timer to turn them off at 4 o’clock in the morning every day and back on at 4.15 o’clock - a time when I was sure I would not need to use the speakers. For a little more money ($10?), you can probably get a more sophisticated timer.

I use one of these to reboot my router remotely. It is called the iSocket and requires a sim card. The switch is controlled with SMS commands (for which there is a phone app to simplify things.) You can remotely turn it on/off; turn it off for x amount of minutes etc. And if the electricity goes down, it sends you a text before it shuts itself down. (It has a built in backup battery). When the electricity supply is restored, you get another text to inform you that all is good again.

Thanks … the product looks like does exactly what I am looking for. Will read all the specs to learn more about it. Little costly, though.

That is actually a great idea. I have couple of timer with whom I created an irrigation system for my plants. Didn’t think about it. I will give it a test for a period that I am in town. Wouldn’t want that the switching off and on, would be the cause of a router passing from functioning to not functioning.

Thanks. Will read deeply everything