Garage door opener - delayed automatic close?


I am going to add a zwave relay to open and close my garage door from SmartThings. I have a S.T. Multipurpose sensor mounted on my garage door which will give me open/close and temp info. I can also add a camera and motion detector if necessary.

Anyway, I want SmartThing to monitor it’s position and (A)automatically close it if it’s late (bedtime & someone forgot to close it) or (B) close the door if it’s open and the temperature gets too low (prevent water from freezing in garage).

How do I do this? (I’m new to this stuff) It there an app (or apps) that will suit me?

For situation (A) I would like to automatically close the door if it’s still open after a certain time. Maybe- If the door is open after 10PM and no motion is being sensed around the garage door, it would automatically close. It would be nice to have the motion sensor trigger a 10 minute delay in closing if motion in sensed. That way, if I park in my garage after 10PM, the motion sensor will trigger a 10 minute delay. (I’m thinking 10 minutes of inactivity would be required before closing.

For situation (B) I want to monitor the temp in the garage. If the garage drops below a certain temp AND the garage door is open, it would automatically close after a period of time of no motion (10 minutes?). For example, wife opens garage door in winter, starts car and goes back inside for a 9 minutes. Her sensed motion when she comes back out to the garage to leave resets the 10 minute delay and doesn’t close on her as she’s backing out. OR if she comes home and leaves the garage door open while unloading groceries/running to mailbox/etc. it wouldn’t close until 10 minutes without sensed motion.

Thoughts? Ideas? Do I need to/Can I create my own app within SmartThings to do this?

Depending what relay device you decide to use (I use a MIMOLite w/the built in open/close sensor), ST’s own Smart Lighting app can be used to automatically close the door. I do that, but instead of using an open/close sensor I wait for motion to stop for 20 minutes, and then I close the door. There are also options I can use to only do that during a certain time, like what you describe in situation A.

For situation B, you’ll be able to use a Community developed SmartApp called CoRE to build that rule. Technically CoRE can do both A and B if you want to get really creative.