How can I schedule a morning wake up routine for Alexa?

That means if you have multiple Echo Devices it won’t work well.

Here is what I’ve got working really well so far.
It’s close, but not quite what I believe you are wanting… but I’m working on that.

In your room create a Logic Block, “Wake me up”
In that Logic Block select all of the actions you wish to occur to wake you up.
Save your way out of the app.

Now, let’s say you want to take a short nap and wake up in 45 minutes…
You can say, Alexa, wake me up in 45 minutes in the bedroom


you want to take a long nap and wake up in 5 hours and 30 minutes…
you can say, Alexa, wake me up in 5 hours and 30 minutes in the bedroom

Coming soon… (I hope)

Alexa, wake me up at 7 am in the bedroom.

So yes, any Alexa device in the house that has an alarm set on your amazon account will trigger it… this is the app ID in IFTTT. Applet version ID You should be able to copy it… it’s kinda basic, on alarm it triggers any my smartthings device. It also has similar ones for devices outside of smartthings… you’ll need to “pair” your Alexa account and smartthings account.

Ps re-reading your ask. This won’t hit everything you are asking… the trigger is the Alexa alarm. That starts the activity sequence. So when the alarm goes off the shades open, sonos goes on, etc…

Yeah, this will not work for the OP. Thanks though. I think I’ve got him a solution in EchoSistant… I just need to finish it lol

I just found this link and was wondering if it could be useful to string out the various actions in the initial request…

It’s very possible. There are so many possibilities out there, just start exploring them.

Have you installed Echosistant yet? I’ve just about finished the solution to what you are wanting.

I don’t think it will work… The alarm is the trigger. I don’t think ifttt knows the trigger time before the trigger is sent… not sure if this makes sense… interested to see what Jason has come up with…

With what I have so far you do this…

Set up your room and create your Logic Block in that room.
For a wake up alarm routine, you name your Logic Block “Wake me up”
You then use the Logic Block to configure all of your device actions you want to occur
when you want to be woke up.
Then, you just say, Alexa, wake me up in 2 hours and 30 minutes in the bedroom.

in 2 hours and 30 minutes all of the actions will occur that you configured.

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I know… It took me a little while, But I’ve got exactly what you are wanting.

Using EchoSistant, you can say the following and have actions performed. Actions such as ~ perform routines, wake up your Echo’s and say whatever you want them too, run pistons, or just send a message to an echo or a speaker.

you can do this by saying any of the following:

Alexa, turn on the lights in 5 minutes in the office
Alexa, turn on the lights in 3 hours in the office
Alexa, turn on the lights in 3 hours and 5 minutes in the office
Alexa, turn on the lights FOR 25 minutes (lights will turn on immediately and then turn off in 25 minutes)
Alexa, turn on the lights AT 6:45 a.m. in office

The above commands can be used with individual devices, groups of devices, messages, Logic blocks, WebCore Pistons, and pretty much anything that EchoSistant can do.

Please note ~~ Alexa, turn on the lights FOR xxxx can ONLY be used with devices that accept the On and Off commands at this time.

I will be pushing this update out in the next 12 hours.
I will be adding Alexa, set an alarm at xx:xx a.m. in the office. This will set an actual Alexa Alarm as well as trigger any of your EchoSistant devices and routines.

I have added the ability to set an Alexa Alarm on an Alexa device and trigger actions in ST.

Please note that the Alexa alarm will NOT be the trigger. Basically you will be setting an Alarm on the device AND scheduling actions for the same time in ST. Currently I do know of a way to use the Alexa alarm as a trigger.

You will use this command format:

Alexa, create an alarm and wake me up at 530 a.m. in the bedroom.

“Wake me up” is a logic block with preconfigured actions in EchoSistant.

but, you can also say:

Alexa, create an alarm and turn on the lights at 4:15 p.m. in the bedroom

This release will be out later today.

I use a combination of the simulated alarm clock DTH (here) along with Echo Speaks and webCoRE to schedule morning wake up routines with Alexa. I named my simulated alarm clock “wake up” since I already had a virtual switch named “alarm” for other purposes. To turn the alarm on/off, we just say “Alexa, turn on/off wake up”. Setting the time is a little clumsy, but it’s been working well enough. Basically we can either set the time using the ST app in the simulated alarm device, or by voice using a simulated dimmer switch called wake time (“Alexa, set wake time to xx”). I have a piston that collects the setting of the virtual dimmer and uses it to set the wake up alarm time (global variable used for other pistons as well), with 0 being 5:30, and anything above 0 being the number of minutes past 5:30 (eg: 15 = 5:45, 60 = 6:30). This works for us because we almost always wake up between 5:30 and 6:30, though with the 0-100 of the virtual dimmer we could go out to 7:10 without needing to change anything. We have follow up mode turned on with our Echos, so to schedule the wake up routine we just say “Alexa, turn on wake up, set wake time to 30”.

With the wake up routine, I initially was using mode to set which Echo devices to use for waking the kids up to
streamline things (similar to the lights) , but found that Echo Speaks functionality is limited when the device is set using a variable. I also discovered that the volume change beep only happens when there’s no media playing at the time of the initial command, so using fade or loops to slowly bring the volume up results in lots of beeping. The repeated setVolume, wait, setVolume, etc. is a little clumsy but was an easy way to avoid the beeping. I’ve changed the way the piston works quite a few times, and really need to go back through and clean it up, but it should give the general idea.

I also have a Xiaomi button that I use as a snooze button, which can also be controlled by voice via Alexa of course. To cancel the routine while it’s in progress, I just hit the snooze button (or say “Alexa, push snooze”) and then say “Alexa, turn off wake up”.

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That has always been the greatest thing about this community… when someone wants to do something, they always find a way.

If you want to give up on the piston and all of the switches you can use EchoSistant.

You simply create your Room and choose all of the devices you want control and feedback for in it. You then create a Logic Block (shortcut) that can perform most of the common things that WebCoRe can do. You name the Logic Block and you are done.

If you name the Logic Block “Wake me up” for the room bedroom, you just say, Alexa, wake me up at 615 a.m. in the bedroom.

You can also say this… "Alexa, create an alarm and wake me up at 615 a.m. in the bedroom.

The first will run the Logic Block and perform all of the actions you configured at 615.
The second one will cause an actual Alexa Alarm to sound on the bedroom device at 615, as well as perform all of the actions you configured in the Logic Block.

You can create hundreds of room and each room can have hundreds of Logic Blocks

My system sounds an alarm at 8:30 a.m., turns off my fans, and turns on the lights in my bedroom. I tell Alexa to turn off the alarm and then I tell her , Alexa, I’m sleeping in and wake me up in 20 minutes.

She turns my fans back on, turns off the lights, and then wakes me up 20 minutes later.

You can follow the latest version of EchoSistant here ~ [RELEASE] EchoSistant Ver4.6 ~ Now with Compound Commands and more!

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I just can’t use virtual devices like that. I learned a long time ago with ST and virtual devices… The fewer potential points of failure, the best.

Trust me, I totally respect all of the work you guys put into this… but I send a simple command to the echo device and the alarm is now in the hands of Amazon… then there is a simple schedule waiting to run in ST and then the magic happens…

lol… you know me… I like having total voice control over everything!

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see, now I’m going to have to add in the ability to manually configure all of this… gee thanks.


what kind of device is it?

You guys are truly touched! Love it!!!

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Dude! I spent over a week coding all of this into ES for the OP…

Remember… I have no idea how to code! I’ve actually been told by other developers that look at my work,
and I quote, “I can’t believe this code actually works!”


funny thing is… it works damn good too!

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This is why I love this community!

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I bet we would work just fine with a virtual environment… … Actually, I know it would.