How can I represent `standby` button state on Schema Connector?

Hello guys,

I’m working with simple 4-buttons device on Schema Connector, but I have no idea how can I response about StateRefresh request.

The problem is button’s states should be standby, but I can not found respond state on the reference page. And button capability is required. Can I just send null?

Hello @zldxkdlrj_dlcmaldml,

The button events are generated only when there is a state change, so you can initialize the capability with one of the available states like “pushed”, you will see how in the mobile app, it will appear as standby because the event is visualized for only a few seconds.

If you query the device status, you will see that the current state is “pushed” until a different event is received.

Here is an example:

.stateRefreshHandler((accessToken, response) => {
      response.addDevice('st-schema-buttons', [
          component: 'button1',
          capability: 'st.button',
          attribute: 'button',
          value: 'pushed'

If this answers your question, can you mark it as Solved, please? If not, let me know what’s going on and I can dig in further.