How can I control a standard 'touch dimming' lamp smartly?

I have some bedside lamps being delivered and they are ‘touch dimming’ but I want to be able to control them smartly, voice control, google assistant, etc. I’m not too concerned with the dimming control but merely want to be able to turn them off/on smartly. So I already have a similar ‘touch dimming’ lamp and as you would expect if I connect this lamp to a smart outlet switch then once the switch turns off the socket the lamp goes out and when I turn the switch back on the lamp remains off … so want a solution to control the lamp smartly?

I could replace the bulbs with smart bulbs but then if the lamp is touched then it could turn off the lamp and the smart bulb will not work.

Unfortunately, they are not compatible technologies unless you get one specifically designed for voice control. And those usually have a dimmer control dial on the top of the lamp, you can’t use your own bulb and they may not be what you’re looking for.

Here’s one that works with Alexa or Google Home. But you have very limited integration with smartthings, although I think you could set up a couple of scenes and activate those.

Yes, I have seen many smart lamps but the look of the lamp is important so may have to open up the lamp when it arrives and see if I can convert it to a conventional lamp without the touch dimming capabilities. Then I can merely use a smart outlet switch.

Usually there is a small module in there that gives it the touch capability. Just cut that baby out and rewire. It might be better to not have switch at all on the lamp so no one can shut it off on you.