Controlling a floor lamp

I have a floor lamp I want to control (on/off/dim/schedule), that plugs into a standard wall outlet. I have Alexa and Smarthings hub, so I’m looking for the best combination of smart plugs, bulbs, and switches to make this happen. It’s an modern, arced, overhead lamp used for reading and my wife’s needlework. Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

What is the brand and model of the floor lamp?

Does the floor lamp already do dimming with a built in switch? If so, you won’t likely be able to accomplish this just by adding a smart plug because the two dimmer controls will interfere with each other.

If the floor lamp does not have its own built-in dimmer, then the easiest way to do this is by using a smart bulb in it.

If you can’t change out the bulb in the lamp, and it’s just an on/off lamp, then you should be able to get automated on/off pretty easily just by plugging it into a smart plug. But you may not be able to get dimming.

If the lamp does have a dimming control built into it, there is one more possibility depending on the exact physical structure of that control.

So again, it all comes back to the first rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ In this case, the model number of the floor lamp that you already own. Once we know that and the country that you are in (the device selection does vary) then we can make more specific suggestions. :thinking:

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I assume you are in the US. I have 4 lamps that have this. They are plugged directly to the wall. I use Zigbee bulbs (home depot has cheap ones that work well,

The light is always powered on (I removed the knob to turn them off). I control them with smart buttons and alexa.


I have same bulbs as @KenW48360 and they work great. They are dimmable, and you can adjust white temperature. Also they work local

One more note @consultant_of_swing as those are Zigbee bulbs, you can add them to SmartThings or to Echo with Zigbee, but not both as zigbee. If you add them to SmartThings, they can be visible to Echo, however if you add them to Echo, they will not show up in SmartThings.

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I also did a very similar setup.

I have a floor lamp set up that way. In the same room there are 2 table lamps the same way.

BTW - good price on those HD bulbs.

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