A funky device that should exist - connected touch-lamp control!

We all know bout these. They convert an on-off metal lamp into a touch-dim lamp, with OFF and three levels of ON.

I’m thinking this would be ripe for connected smart control. In the event of ST hub failure, you’d still have your three levels - and when the hub is working, you’d have anything in the 0-100 range.

Yeah you’re going to run into physics on this one. :disappointed_relieved:

You don’t see many touch lamps anymore because they just won’t work well with trailing edge devices, which means LEDs, even dimmable LEDs, probably won’t work. And most people don’t want to use incandescent bulbs anymore even if they’re still legal in their jurisdiction. So there’s just no market pull for a device like this.

The device you linked to says:

Incandescent only

Most people using Z wave devices are looking for energy efficiency.

By the way, if you need equivalent functionality, use a $15 Hue White bulb in the Lamp and the Hue dimmer switch and you get the same functionality with about the same physicality required and it will also work even if your Internet is down. :sunglasses:

And you can put it wherever you want. This one on my refrigerator is at the height my service dog can use it. :dog::bulb:


I have one of these adapters on my bedside lamp, which has an led bulb in it. It works great for years. Love the idea of one with built in smart things support.

I have 3 of these for specific lamps, I removed the knobs to get the family trained :slight_smile:

Alexa and Hue eliminated my ‘need’ to have the device lol

It still would be cool, but the torchiere floor lamp for which I wanted it now has a Hue color bulb.

It sucks you have to remove the knobs, on existing lamps, cause once they get turned off manually, they are off. A replacement switch, that also made it a smart light, would sell, if it also added optional touch ability, it would sell even more. There are times you want to cut off a light with out having to ask alexa to do it, find your phone, or have an external switch.

I guess Sengled is discontinuing their Element Touch bulbs since that link doest appear to go to the right one27536

But this is how they were, with a button they toggled bright to dim. That’s why I removed the knobs so they pressed the button, no app or voice assistant needed.

You are responding to a thread which is three years old. Many new devices have come on the market since then to address this issue. The sengled element touch, which @danjp mentions, has come and gone, indicating there wasN’t quite as much demand as people might’ve thought.

As far as current offerings, the Ikea dimmer is a simple $6.99 device that can be put on the nightstand or on the lamp itself and is quite popular.


There is also a round version for about $15 with some different features.


There are many other options from other brands as well.

Home automation is a rapidly evolving space with new devices introduced every month. In general, it will be more helpful if you look for forum threads which Have had activity in the last 12 months. It’s very likely that anything older than that with regard to specific use cases will now have new solutions. :sunglasses:

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Our bed side lamps have a shade that makes it very difficult to reach up and touch the bulb/this switch. And I have a few with multiple bulbs, which means multiple smart devices, and scripts to toggle the others when you turn on/off one of the bulbs, something that never seems to work 100%. You can hack these https://github.com/arendst/Tasmota/wiki/Buttons-and-Switches and use them, but it looks like someone would make ones with the right kind of terminals to directly rewire lights designed for US wiring, as these all seem designed for 220, which uses much smaller wiring that us 120.