Hotel with SmartThings

I want to implement SmartThings to a whole Hotel or multiple Hotels. :slight_smile:
Is it scalable enough?
I mean one SmartThings device per hotel with 30-50 rooms. I thing about Samsung Connect Home Pro:

Or do you have other recommendations (ex: Vera, Fibaro)? :slight_smile:

Later Edit: it can be also based on ZigBee, not necessary Z-Wave.

I think it really depends on what you want to do with it.
Smartthings is not really viable for commercial properties due to reliability problems and its dependance upon the internet.
You may also have problems with the range of wireless devices unless your 30 room hotel is ‘compact’

Give us some more information and we might come up with some suggestions

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I also thought so.

But I need recommendation for a solution wireless with Z-Wave, for a hotel.
I need to control the lights, manually control and routines for temperature (with or without clients in the room), curtains, door access and wall programmable switches in every room.

All the interventions for an already working in a classical way hotel…

And I need also recommendations for a new hotel with infrastructure not implemented yet.

I can’t, in all honesty, recommend SmartThings for this use case.
How upset would your customers be if none of the lights etc work because there is a problem with the internet or the smartthings platform?
You need something which is designed to be more robust.
I have no experience with it but perhaps somethng like Control4 would be more appropriate

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Thank you Cobra.
If anyone know to recommend something else for this situations, please do so.

Thank you.

I’m not sure if any of the DIY home automation hubs around ST’s price point (e.g. Vera) would be considered reliable enough by most people for a commercial application like this.

Does it have to be z-wave? I think zigbee is used more commonly in larger, commercial installations because it has a higher limit for # of devices and hops that messages can take as they transmit across the mesh network.


Thank you for the answer MARK.
Of course. It can be also based on ZigBee, not necessary Z-Wave. Do you have a recommendation for a processing unit based on ZigBee?

What about Caseta by Lutron? You could do a hub for each room and keep the cost down.


Thank you. I will research about this.