Energy Efficiency for my Hotel

Hi All,

I have SmartThings in my home and love it.

I am looking for a Z-Wave solution that is more commercial. I would like to have some type of controller software that I can have on-site or even better on a server that can be hosted at my local colocation facility. I would then like to have door sensors, thermostats, and light bulbs in every guest room that are connected to the controller.

I am very new to this. Can anyone offer some suggestions?


How many rooms does it have? My biggest concern would be having sufficient mesh to enable communication to all the devices. I am also not certain of how many devices ST can handle at once.

The other concern, if you plan to have visitors control their rooms. Would be the fact that you would need to have access control for the app, which is not available at this point.

@theedpope I don’t necessarily want to use SmartThings. I just thought this might be a place to ask about other solutions that would be more tailored for the commercial side. My hotel has 65 units.