Hot Neutral-Z-Wave possible?

I have a 3-way setup that I want to add a z-wave dimmer and add on switch to. However, it looks like power is coming from the light. White is taped off as black and is hot at both switches. My setup is very similar to this attached diagram. Is it possible to use z-wave in this scenario?!

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See the GE 3 way wiring FAQ for some options:

[FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring

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What @JDRoberts said. Find the solutions by @ritchierich, the resident 3-way genius. :sunglasses:

In your case, the hot is being sent first to the switch on the left via in part, the white wire (which isn’t a neutral). The problem, as you may have figured out, is that there isn’t a neutral in that left (primary) box. You’ll have to figure out how to send a neutral to that box, which can sometimes be done if you are using a switch pair like the GE that only requires one wire for signaling.

If you have to post over there, include pictures of both boxes with the switches pulled out. Same thing for the light. Hopefully you can get to it as if it can be done, you’re going to have to send the neutral from there.


If you have the white wire bringing power into the box, that means there’s no neutral available in any of the 2 boxes. You could use the Fibaro Dimmer 2 which doesn’t require a neutral here OR install a Qubino Z-Wave relay at the light fixture (instead of the switch box).

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I’m thinking this graph is the closest match, but I need to go back and take some pics. There are several other switches in that box with a neutral. This is the only one wired with a hot white. The switches light one sets of flood lights past both switches. The power is coming from the opposite side of the house.

I’m not using the zooz stuff anymore. I haven’t had much luck with them. After a couple weeks, the Zen27s would stop turning off. That happened to 3 of mine. Those and the 22s would also hum. I ended up returning a bunch I only have 2 zen27s and one 22 still running. Only one of the 27s have been running for more than a couple months.