Hot bulb - GE/Wink LED bulb

I moved a few bulbs around today to optimize the z-wave mesh on my system. I almost burned my fingers on the base of my GE/Wink bulb. It was more than 185 F a few minutes after I removed it from a recessed fixture. I was surprised at the temperature but a quick search of the forum confirms that high temps are normal for this line of LED bulb.

This bulb was installed upside-down in a recessed “can” fixture.

The GE Link bulbs are zigbee so they will not help your z-wave mesh

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Thanks for pointing that out. That said, the reason I moved the GE/Wink bulbs to a different location was so I could put some newer SmartThings bulbs in a better position to optimize the mesh.

The SmartThings brand bulbs are also zigbee.

Most smartbulbs are either zigbee or Wi-Fi. Aeotec, GoControl and Inovelli make zwave bulbs, but that’s unusual.

Thank you JDRoberts. I checked the specs on the Samsung bulb and you are correct.

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