Hookup Axis Doorbell and integrate with SmartThings?

I know there are topics regarding doorbells on here, but this is slightly different and need some expert electronics information on. Hopefully others may also be interested in this. First, just about all off-the-shelf doorbells like Ring, Nest Hello, etc. require monthly fees to record video, etc and I want to avoid these subscriptions.

I own Axis network cameras and find them to be extremely reliable and excellent quality. They don’t tie into SmartThings, but I’m okay with that. Axis makes a “door station” A8105-E which is basically a camera doorbell, but not really for “home” as much as for business entries. The information on this is:

It is powered via PoE and has an I/O port on it which I’m having trouble understanding. It looks like it will take a 12VDC input and possibly output 12VDC as well (to control a relay or something). So, I’m wondering if I was to use this Axis door station, I want it to play a “doorbell chime” when the button is pushed. I found these items on Amazon which is a 12VDC chime and a 12VD transformer.


1). Can I hook these up (and how??) to the Axis door station such that when the button is pushed, it will play the doorbell chime? I see that the chime has a yellow & green wire that says “bell” but not sure if it’s doing a dry contact between the two (like a relay) or applying 12VDC on between them?

Lastly, I want to use a Zwave dry contact like this from Aeotech to signal my SmartThings that the doorbell has rang.

2). Can I use the wires on the chime to hook up this sensor or do I need a relay?

Any help, descriptive details, diagrams would be very helpful to hook this up. I know it’s a bit costly for a doorbell, but at it fits in with my existing camera system and I’ll have complete control over recording, notifications, etc. without any monthly subscriptions. This will be replacing a standard 18VAC doorbell chime unit.

Thank you very much!

I just replaced my doobell buttons with Skybell and am loving them. They integrate with Smartthings, and no monthly fees.


@Brian - Thank you. I looked at this and it’s nice there is no subscription fees, but still limited to the 7 day recording. Can you change it to record to your own network device and not their cloud? Also, it does not state it’s SmartThings compatible. I’ve read elsewhere that you have to integrate through IFTTT and it’s very slow (lags) to get notification. How did you integrate yours?

I purchased the Honeywell Skybeell Trim Plus HD because 1) they were on sale for $149 at the time and I did not have room to mount the regular Skybell HD.
I don’t believe you can record them locally, but it is a piece if cake to download, share or delete the videos.
They Skybeell HD models have been officially integrated with Smartthings for quite some time and it connected just like any other device.
Anytime there is motion there is an SMS notification to your phone and a short video is recorded. You can click on the SMS notification and it will open the Skybell app in Live view. You can use the motion detection or doorbell press to trigger other devices in Smartthings.
There is a light on top of the Skybell used to illuminate someone’s face at night and the Night View is in color.
They are pretty neat and I have read that the video is cleaner than the Ring.


Brian, does the Smartthings integration allow any control options or must all go through the Honeywell app (i.e., two-way voice, view live, etc.)?

I do not use the Honeywell app. Only the Skybell app and Smartthings app. It has two way voice and Live View.


@bobj - I ended up purchasing a SkyBell Trim Plus (thank you very much @Brian!). Got it on sale this past black Friday and it was easy to hookup. I did integrate it into SmartThings so that I can also get notified via SmartThings and perform other actions - such as turn on porch light or something. You can do just about anything you want, but you can’t do anything with the video or sound through SmartThings from what I know. I use the SkyBell app to view the videos & sound through the doorbell (and save the videos I want to keep). SkyBell support is excellent too and so far I really like the doorbell. Love that there’s also no monthly charges!

While I know this is an old post I did something very similar. I use the axis door station a8105e as my door bell and love it. I tried, ring, August, skybell and door bird but this is awesome. 1) I store all my own video, 2) open platform to use other services 3) so much control. I have it powered by POE and have two more wires to trigger a local door bell. You can program the door station to do anything. Mine closes the aux circuit for 7 sec and this sends a door chime to my Sonos speakers. I use the NILES DBI2 that I got used on eBay for a fraction of the new cost to receive the trigger and send an audio signal.
I also use synology to records 24/7 video and sent motion triggers.