HoneyWell Z-wave dimmers in 4-way circuit

Summary: Need help wiring a couple 3-way circuits with non-standard wiring.

The full version: I’m trying to install HoneyWell Z-wave switches in a pre-existing 3-switch system, but I suspect the color coding of the wiring isn’t standard, and in any case many of the wires were just painted beige by the previous owner. Also, the wiring doesn’t match up with any of the configurations I’ve found directions to online. My guess is that it’s a “light between 3 switches” configuration, but I’d appreciate some more knowledgable opinions and any recommendations as to how to deal with it…

Boxes 2 and 3 are pretty basic, each with a single 14-3 romex going into the box with black, red, white and bare wires. There’s no second romex exiting the box, as in the included wiring instructions.

Box 1 is a doozy. It’s on the 2nd floor. From below, there’s one 14-2 romex. From above, there’s one 14-2 and two 14-3. And it’s all crammed into a tiny 1-gang box that I can barely see the back of. The original switch in this box had 2 “In” and 2 “Out” and 1 ground with no neutral.

I’ve attached some pictures, in case that clarifies, but I’m afraid I don’t have a voltage meter to check any of the wires. With this attempted wiring configuration, the lights just stay perpetually on… This is not my proudest moment… (UPDATE: it will only allow me to post one picture.)