Help wiring GE Smart 4-way Dimmer Switch

I have read through several of the past threads about the installation process for the GE Z-wave Smart Dimmer and Add-on switches. I fear that the way my in-home wiring setup for this particular location may prevent me from using the smart switches (aka my load might be originating from my Light). Am I SOL? (because my 4-way is using neutrals in the Switch)?

The forum won’t let me upload more than 1 photo at a time, so please see follow up replies for all photos …

4-way gang box (note the black tape on the white wires)


Your assistance is much appreciated!!!

This is a picture of your 4way switch. The 3way switches are the ones that matter. In those locations is where load and/or line will be. See how many Romex sires are coming into those locations and report back. Pay attention to the bronze/black screw on the 3 way switches because that is load on one and line on the other.

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3-way gang (when Switch is off a test shows it’s still receiving power)

4-way (another angle)

3-way switch (when switch is off this device does not receive power, is that possible?)

3-way second pic

Each of the 3-way switches is identical in setup. When the switch is in the off position one receives power and one doesn’t in tests. Is that what you are referring to?

Ok just so you are aware I am not a licensed electrician but I happen to know quite a bit about wiring from personal experience.

So again the 3 way switches are the ones that matter, based on your pictures these are the ones in a double gang box with 2 switches. The single switch is your 4 way switch. On the 3 way switches you will find 3 wire terminals, 2 with a gold/brass screw and one with a black screw. The black screw is the one you need to pay attention to and label. One switch Black terminal will have the load and the other switch will be line from breaker.

Let’s call the first double gang switch you posted where the switch in question is on the right Box 1.

Let’s call your single gang 4 way switch box 2

Let’s call your the last picture of a double gang box where the switch in question is on the left box 3.

Based on the picture of Box 3 and the black screw having 2 black wires, I assume that is your line from the breaker. Can you please confirm this by turning off the breaker, disconnecting both black wires going to the black screw on that switch, then turn on the breaker and see if one of those wires is Hot? Also confirm that switch 1 has no power on any of the terminals, especially the black screw terminal.

Once you confirm I can provide further instructions.

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