Honeywell Vista and Older ADT Security Panels

Not sure where this thread will go or if anyone is working on this integration but in my studies I have learned that my old ADT panel is nothing more than a rebranded vista. That being said I can buy a 69 dollar EPROM chip and a Honeywell VAM and boom I have Z Wave capabilities with my old alarm panel. I would be willing to pay for something to integrate with my Smartthings hub. The ability to upgrade with an EPROM chip expands the market considerably going back many years into the ADT market. All this allows the panels to be controlled by Honeywell Total Connect. Below is a link to the article for anyone else interested.

There are a number of threads on this and i too have an ADT system (rebranded Vista 20p). I think there are two maybe three solutions for this but I don’t think the VAM option works. If i recall correctly from research I did the ADT system is very buttoned up so it will let you control zwave stuff but only through their system with their subscription service. I don’t think it can be made to speak to ST.

The working solutions…

  1. Envisalink 2, or 3
  2. AD2P add on
  3. Ardunio sheild

Basically you need something between the panel and the system to translate the languages used by each system. do some searches on the form here. There are two major forum on doing this.

Thank You very much I will try searching a little better. I am new to thios style of forum and kind of learning my way through it. I love the suppport you guys have given me so far and Im sorry if this is covered elsewhere.

See if this thread helps.

@ErnieG does that setup you posted require you to have total connect and pay the monthly service?

I do not know. I have not implemented the solution they are discussing. I have been researching my options and the information you posted about the VAM and the integration I linked seemed like they could work together. For a better answer you should ask your question in that thread.

Yeah the amount of information in a few a big threads is a little overwhelming. Search for “DSC Honeywell alarm system”, “ADT integration”, “Vista 20P”, or “Envisalink” and you should hit the monster threads on this. Good Luck

I followed the instructions in the link below and have loved my Vista 20p integration with SmartThings. It was relatively easy to do and I’ve had solid performance. My family loves being able to check the status of our alarm remotely and set it if we’ve forgotten.

There is the link:

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@a6pack OK so maybe I am not ready for all this I cant even open the read me file. I went to your link downloaded the zip file uncompressed it and now I cant find a way to open a .md file. I may be a little stupid here heh he.

EDIT::: I finally figured it out and opened it in word. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I think I may have to wait for something a little simpler.

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