Alarm (Vista 15P) Automation

I have a new construction home that was pre-wired with sensors throughout the home. I don’t want anything wireless so I’d like to stay with the existing system.

I was told I needed to install a wireless takeover module so that I could use 2Gig keypad. Not sure what all I would be getting from the 2Gig other than a full color touchscreen keypad.

Hi, all.

My ultimate goal is to be able to use SmartThings to Aramaic and disarm the system.

I certainly don’t want to use the z wave functionality of the 2Gig to replace SmartThings but I would like SmartThings to control the 2Gig.

Any suggestions or tips on accomplishing this would be greatly appreciated. I think I’ve been mulling this over far too long and have overthought it.

Thanks in advance!

Search the community as there are several different options from alarm server, to a Pi device from Alarm Decoder to this project with an Arduino:

Others have just gotten rid of the Vista and are hooking up the contacts to an Arduino using the ST Anything library.