Honeywell Server Issues (news article)

I have been getting a ton of change failure notifications spamming my email, but still my Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat is responding to my webcore routines quite well. Indeed it’s not everybody.

I’m seeing the same change failure notifications, some from times that I have not requested a temperature change. I have had 1 instance where a change did not go through, and incidentally, I don’t think I received a change notification for that failure. LOL

Just to ensure this starts off with a sanity check: let’s all remember that, prior to the advent of these devices, you could not control your home remotely. So if your basic schedules are good, you are certainly NOT being “left in the cold”.

Don’t get me wrong here. Honeywell clearly needs to address this concern.
But people are not gonna freeze to death because of this… it’s not a catastrophe. It’s an inconcenience.

Yea, I found the article itself to be accurate but the headline is a little on the “click bait” side. Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend across all news outlets these days.

The article does confirm there was an issue with the Honeywell servers that some of have been seeing for awhile now.

down every day or two for awhile