Terrible support with honeywell

you have now had about 6 months you have been working on getting the honeywell thermostat integration working correctly. Every few days it disconnects and you have to re-login. I have submitted multiple support requests and the response is “we are working on it”. Well this is long enough, either get them to fix it, or get them to stop blocking the public domain device type that myself and others had working perfectly!


No major issues here. I have had to reconnect maybe two times in many months. Lucky me I guess.

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probably because my account has therm. in 2 locations.

also if the house freezes and the pipes burst becuase we cannot read the correct temps due to the damn thing disconnecting all the time, you may have a lawsuit on your hands.

Ah could be - I have three thermostats but one location.

Frankly I still use the honeywell app for most things as it’s just quick any easy. You can also set alerts in it which I might recommend if your case.

Granted this should just work but a backup plan is always a good thing.

No issues here and using mine at a remote location.

If you have the heat set to come on when the temp drops low enough for concern it should kick on regardless of third party app connectivity. Just like an old dumb stat. And is it’s that critical the heat should be on all the time and set low enough to keep the pipes warm.

Also the Honeywell app should have a low temp warning built in. Mine does.

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